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The Crybaby
Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012 | 0 comment[s]

I don’t know what came over me yesterday, but I felt like crying.
It’s all started when my Physic teacher ask me to write some notes on the board for her. I know my writing is ugly and sometimes I can’t even read my own writing, but I just want to fulfill my duty as a class secretary and without a second thought, I agreed.
I just started writing when someone told me that my writing was so tiny and unreadable. I brush it off and acted like nothing happened because I thought he did it to tease me. But then my classmates start complaining altogether about various things. I sstopped for a moment and ask if any of them willing to replace me but no one willing to do so.
I kept writing and they kept complaining.
Basically, I’m the short-temper and over sensitive type of person. So, even the slightest comment will cause damage beyond repair to me.
My head felt like it was going to explode soon and I could feel the tears threatened to fall. I tried to chill down and I told myself that I have to be patient and that it’s going to be over soon. My hand was shivering and I could feel the cold sweat start to wet my hand and it caused my ugly writing turned to be more and more ugly.
Then, it was over. I returned to my seat and suddenly I can’t hold my boiling anger any longer. I banged my desk three times and I started sobbing. Just like that, all of my classmate stare at me confused and worried at the same time.
Thinking about how rude my classmate when they were complaining to me and how embarrassing to be seen in such a state, I couldn’t stop my sobbing.
To be honest, I was embarrassed to be seen in such a state. But I just can’t help it.
I felt like I was the most miserable girl in the whole world and I couldn’t focus for the rest of lesson.
From then on, I promise myself that I will never write notes on the board ever. Ever! I’ve had enough for a lifetime you know. I’m sure my classmate will mock me as a crybaby now *sigh*.

Okay, so that’s my pathetic story. Please bear with my bad grammar as I’m not an English-native but I’ve tried my best.
Happy Thursday everyone~

Ketika wanita menangis,
itu bukan berarti dia sedang mengeluarkan senjata terampuhnya,
melainkan justru berarti dia sedang mengeluarkan senjata terakhirnya.
Ketika wanita menangis,
itu bukan berarti dia tidak berusaha menahannya,
melainkan karena pertahanannya sudah tak mampu lagi membendung air matanya.
Ketika wanita menangis, itu bukan karena dia ingin terlihat lemah,
melainkan karena dia sudah tidak sanggup berpura-pura kuat (Windhy Puspitadewi - Let Go)

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